Monthly Archives: March 2006

hey hey, Will & Grace, i’m gonna need another dollar!

SO yeah, i’ve been off on holiday for a bit, here’s a run down of how i’ve spent the last however many days

- I went to Vegas bitches!
(lost at Roulette, won at Black Jack, ran into the Phenomenauts at Slots of Fun)
– Went to the International Ska Circus
(saw the Skatilites, the Toasters, Fishbone, the Debonares, West Side Train, Suburband Legends, Reel Big Fish and i totally danced my ass off)
– Got to visit the fine mountain towns of Rifle, West Rifle and Rifle Gap Colorado
– Did the St Pat’s thing w/ the family and friends
(you know, the beer, the breakfast, the beer, the parade, the beer and the irish comraderie… but Joe Rey had some troubles, he’ll get fixed soon!)
– Got to spend some fun nights w/ Allison
(it was some of the best jokes and sillyness ever and they spilled out all over everything and both ended in the prolly the sweetest and most fun times i’ve spent w/ her)
– Looked out for my buddy when he needed it and ended up having a great time just talking w/ him
(you know who you are, remeber pal, you rule out loud!)
– And i took a hella ton of pics that i should put up someplace for all to see and stuff. Here’s Vegas and here’s St. Pat’s Day, Enjoy!

Whhheeeee go vacation!