the Road to Ska Summit: Vegas Baby!

well i got dolled up, navy blue suit coat, green-blue plaid tie, white shirt, kackis, checkered belt, dark blue vans, and a BossToneS badge, time to hit the mother fuckin’ las Vegas Strip!.. rode the outside escalators, walked over them street crosswalks, then we (Spence, Alyson and i) hit the Ballagio… i got me a $9.50 Gin Martini, and it was the best martini i ever had, so i dinna feel TOO ripped off… lost $5.50 on slots, i was not the high roller that Alyson was… wandered arround some more… hit a souvier shop and got a las Vegas shot glass that said “JOSE” on it, made me laugh, counter guy wanted to kill me cuz i had no less than a $20 bill on me… wondered somemore, then packed it in and went back to the hotel… crashed out on the fold out couch in the “living room” w/ Alyson as Mr Jim and Spence were said to look “too peacefull”

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