from lil NotPunk of Indypolis, Indy
“i need dating advise…. sometimes i wonder about my boyfriend… sometimes i think that he thinks about sex the most.. and sometimes it seems all he can think about is tickling… which is is?? and why? oh dr. jose…i’m so confused.”

dear NotPunk,
don’t be confused, thinkin’ of tickling is a normal human thought that most boys think about on a constant basis, on the other hand, sex is not, you need to get that boy’s head checked right away!

3 from the Brandon of Keanu Tribe
“Jose goes to an AC-DC concert with kids from highschool. He has 3 mixed drinks and 2 beers. He ate indian food right before he left and fears that he’s made a whole new concoction in his belly. How long til Jose leaves the concert?”

it’s an AC/DC show, so Jose leaves when he realizes that AC/DC aren’t so bad they rock, they’re just bad and he leaves after 2 1/2 songs, on the way out he gets hit by a bus, his belly concoction is smeared all across mainstreet, and smells like a burnt peach

“what is more repulsive a bloody tampon or your parents making out?”

nothing’s more repulsive than yr parents making out w/ a bloddy tampon

“why does the sun shine?”

there is no real sun, what shines in the sky is simple human will power to have a steady light source outside focused to a point, at night we all go to sleep and thusly can’t consentrate on the sun and then it “sets” or “goes out”

and finally from Daz, the original beautiful mutant
“is this story b/s or not??? from here Devo / The Wipeouters
The story goes that in 1966 future members of Devo formed a highly influential surf band called The Wipeouters. So pioneering were they that some people question whether such acts as The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, and Dick Dale could have possibly accomplished what they did without The Wipeouters paving the way. But as The Wipeouters broke up in 1964, a full two years before they started, music fans never had the chance to own a recording by these legends of surf music. But now this has changed, with the release of “P’Twaaang,” the first ever Wipeouters cd. Chaos Control was able to get Mark Mothersbaugh on the phone to talk about The Wipeouters, Devo, and many other topics. only The Rad Jose knows for sure….”

if any band could pull off a feat like that, it’d have to be Devo

that’s all for this round! keep those questions coming!

in the tradition of Dr. Science and Dylan Wissing i present to you ASK RAD JOSE! seriously ask me anything (not math) and i will answer it, i have no shame! just pose a question in the comments section and i will answer them to the best of my ability in my next LJ entry… it’ll be stupid fresh!

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