Former Prez of the HyperMultiverce Hall of Presidents asks
The Love Below or Speakerboxxx?

i know hardly anyone agrees w/ me on this point, but it’s so Speakerboxxx, at least for this Jose, i think i’m more apt to Hip-Hop or something, but i totally don’t dig much the Love Below and i totally rock out to Speakerboxxx, so in conclusion, Speakerboxxx if yr me, the Love Below if yr everyone else

a cute bunny named Messiah want to know 2 things
have you ever seen the movie American Splendor?

no, i wanted to, dinna get the chance to catch it in the theatre

what time is your fun show ness happening?

the doors open at 10p,, the show starts at 10:30pm w/ the Joshy Theobald Trio, that continues until Pork Chop Jimmy shows up arround 10:30 – 10:45 and 1209’ll start rockin the basement… man, when did my journal turn me into a shill for my band?

and those lit kids at the Sea-Cow want to know
Joel or Mike?

both are terrible kitten names, i’m naming my next cat Senior Pantalones

more questions please! you only have 18 more days to tap my brain for the rich rewards of knowledge it holds!

in the tradition of Dr. Science and Dylan Wissing i present to you ASK RAD JOSE! seriously ask me anything (not math) and i will answer it, i have no shame! just pose a question in the comments section and i will answer them to the best of my ability in my next LJ entry… it’ll be a little more than lame!

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