the lurvely Jaimee has 2 questions!
Why is Uma Thurman famous? She’s a bad actress and not very attractive. And, for gender equality’s sake, I’ll make it a two-part question and also ask: Why is Freddie Prinze, Jr. famous? His acting is so bad that it’s embarrassing to watch.

Uma Thurman gained her fame due to practicing the black magics of Canada, sacraficing small woodland creatures to the twin acting gods, Punjab & Vilmerduke. FPJ on the other hand moved to LA in fact to start a band, the music was so bad that society made him an actor, there by sparing us of a much worce fate than the terrible acting.

the lit-minded kids at the Sea Cow need to know
what is the better form of justice, Texas justice…or BEACH JUSTICE?

while TayHoss Justice has it’s moments, nothing is ever better than when it has beach in the title! the Boys would be a terrible band, but the BEACH Boys! hell yeah! see what i mean! so the answer of cource is Seven

and Reeny Kaja asks
who’s the hottest new member of LiveJournal?

well thanks for askin! basically because you assume i’m on the tip of what’s going on! well rock on out for me! i do know the answer too! for real, it’s my little brother Dayv! check him totally out!

okay that’s all for now! you folks only have one week left to get me all those questions and get all those answers that you KNOW you need!

in the tradition of Dr. Science and Dylan Wissing i present to you ASK RAD JOSE! seriously ask me anything (not math) and i will answer it, i have no shame! just pose a question in the comments section and i will answer them to the best of my ability in my next Ask Jose LJ entry… it’ll be, uh, grand?

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