ASK RAD JOSE: The 5th Anniversary Edition PART THREE

First, happy belated VD to one and all. Hopefully you spent it all happified and soda pop, anything less would be un-fun and totally not joycore. Always strive for joycore, no sad eyed bastards better be up in my friend list! At any rate only 2 of you seem to be in need of my great knowledge, and that just can’t be, the world needs my help! Don’t be too afraid to ask me! Tap this well before you, you’d be an idiot not to!

First is a question from the Cook Zennie,
A few days ago, Chinese New Year brought the year of the Rat. With that in mind, what would you do if you saw a chick wearing these rat themed shoes?

Sorry to all that I did not link the picture of these shoes. They scare me. Rats aren’t cool or funny. I’d be wary of any chick that would slip her feet into those monstrosities. No! No! Don’t even tell me that they’re cute little mice themed shoes! That’s a lie! A dirty dirty lie! May you burn in hell crazy rat shoe makers. I don’t blame you Zen Cookie, I blame freak society!

And now a question from the illustrious BobbyMoseley,
why is the sky blue?? serious question

Oh young Bobby, fairest of all the Moseleys, you should know, all questions are serious on Ask Rad Jose! There’s not a single one that I don’t give seconds of research and thought to before answering. Frankly, I’m a bit insulted that you would add such a line to your question, but beggars can’t be choosers, and your question made the cut. So why is the sky blue? See the sky is a reflection of the eyes of all the wide eyed blue eyed folks looking up into the sky, curious about the universe. This is why blue eyed people make poor astronomers, the damn blue reflection when other blue eyes are looking up too, they only add to the problem. When a certain ratio of blue eyed people stop looking up the sky gets darker and darker until it’s night, and comes back the next day after they wake and start looking at the sky. As you may remember, the sun is held up & shines by the will of population of Earth and has NOTHING to do with the sky color. It’s all about the blue eyed slackers that look in the sky all day while lounging in fields. Why does this only work for the blue eyed? Apparently the sky is an aryan, and that you’ll have to take that up with him, I’m not backing up that bigoted fat ass!

There you go folks! Another awesome round of me answering YOUR questions. This whole endeavor is made possible by you, the awesome community of friends I’ve come to love and adore over the years. You’re all so awesome. So ask me some freakin’ questions!

This month is the somewhat triumphant return of the very popular and interesting “Ask Rad Jose” segment of my journal. So, in the tradition of Dr. Science, Dan Kennedy and Dylan Wissing i present to you “Ask Rad Jose”! Seriously you may ask me anything (not math) and i will attempt to answer it. For it is true: i have no shame! Just pose a question in the comments section and i will answer them to the best of my ability in my next “Ask Rad Jose” LJ entry, come on, it’s what all the cool kids are doing!

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