the Unstalkering part 2 : Chain Reaction

Well, it’s over. My little text message stalker has been quiet now for a week. I guess I’ll no longer get any floppity boobed pix again any time soon. It ended not with a bang (or another dong pic) but with a short conversation that was as much about nothing as it was about anything. The following takes place starting at 12:04pm PST last Friday:
Them: Whats up sexy
Me: Are you talking to me? I didn’t know we were at the cute nicknaming stage yet.
Them: What would you like to do to me
Me: Get you some professional help.
Them: Are you gay
Me: Nope.

And there you have it. Semi-literate stalkers hate clever insults from straight men. All over by 12:44pm. It coulda been more fun, but really, I think I could only take an extra day or so of it. I contemplated starting to bother them, but wised up. I have better things to do.

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