Dr. Manette – Dew Unto Others…

Dr. Manette was a ska-punk band from Champagne-Urbana IL who later changed their name doctormanette and put out a record on Chicago’s JUMP UP! label. The first time I saw them is when this 7″ came out. It was at an all day ska show in the Summer of 1996 at a skate park in Rockford IL. It started at noon and went until 10pm. About half way through the show I started to get sleepy and almost took a nap on a skate ramp, but then these guys came on a blew me away! It turns out my friend Mike had had a few classes with one of them, before he went to talk to him after the set he asked me “Hey, you liked them right?” I responded that I did and 15min later Mike turned back up and handed me this record. I asked him how much and he said it was a gift, then later told me that they’d just gave him one because he knew them and that he didn’t have a record player. The 3rd song was on Moon Records’ “Skarmageddon 3: A New Beginning” so it may be familiar.

Side A
Weekend at Bill and Hillarys

Side B
Orange Juice
Nothing at All

Front Cover, Back Cover, Insert & the Record

6 responses to “Dr. Manette – Dew Unto Others…

  1. I have been looking for that Doctor Manette 7 inch record for the last 4 years. THANK YOU FOR POSTING IT! However, it sounds way shittier than I remember! Did they record better versions of Orange Juice and Saturday? If so, where can I find them! EMAIL ME!

    • There was a definite low fidelity issue on this record, but I also played the hell out of it before I ripped it onto my computer, so I admit that I wore it down considerably. Also this is one of the first rips from vinyl I ever did and it may be prone to not being properly set up. Then again, I remember doing this one at least 3 times and think this was the best that I’d gotten out if it. I think it is more than likely the fidelity issue. Orange Juice, Saturday & Nothing at All could all be found on CD comps (“Skarmageddon 3: A New Beginning”, “Punker Than Your Mother” & “This Aren’t Two-Tone” respectively) back in the day at some point, and I don’t know if they’re different recordings or if they’re of a better fidelity or mastering.

      Glad I could help you somewhat, even with the crappy sound!

  2. This is one of my treasured 7″s from my teenage years. One of the best bands out of Chicago. Interestingly enough, my sleeve has different artwork. Thanks for posting and for your great podcast.

    • I knew them when they were still a Champaign/Urbana band! I’ve seen the alternate cover that they started using later. Was the vinyl for yours still blue?

  3. I have the original blue 7. A priized possesion

  4. also have original art from cheesy copier. First press album. I went to hs with couple of guys

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