ask rad jose : the fate of the artist

The world’s favorite drunken uncle, Uncle Silas, asks:
What is the fate of the artist, José?

Ah, the artist, a traveler rarely seen today outside of museums and historical re-enactment societies, artists used to roam the country side as thick as buffalo & Johnny Appleseeds and as nobly as chicken hawks & Thomas Jefferesons. The artist brought many fine things to the community, song, paintings, poems but most importantly candy. The finest candy in all the land, delivered from village to village in the fledgling towns of yore. They’d cross the lands with their seven-league boots wearing the finest frippery, top hats created the most regale of beavers and a necklace made from the earlobes of their nonbelievers, spreading candy and joy to all. Then one day the artist started disappearing from plains and mountain tops and sea shores, with the common man to ponder their fate. It turns out the artists were all whisked away to a sugary Valhalla to forever share their gifts with other artists so that they can understand the joy an artist brings, never having known such a thing while still bound to the earth. Legend has it that the artists will one day return, but that is the kind of thing that is only believed by children and blissed-out sugar-comaed licorice heads.

Do you have a question that you’d like to ask rad jose? Please, ask away!

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