Winterbrief – Unwrapped

Winterbrief was a duo from Philadelphia PA that specialized in thier very own brand of synth heavy dance pop. Winterbrief was first introduced to me by my friend Chris Bradley who had just saw them the weekend before. If I remembered right he said that “it seemed not many people liked them except for me and Tyson (Markley) and we both agreed that you’d love them.” I thought that was sad for the band, but awesome for me. Later, at practice for the short lived live version of Lost Letter Society, Chris lent me their debut CD which I officially kept once Chris went solo with the act again. This CD was later stolen by the 3rd member of the group, Tlas, so I had to go and purchase it myself. That CD was the soundtrack one night for me and Wolfie aimlessly driving about town, nursing the wounds from and then confronting his ex-fiancee. Note: he wasn’t 21 yet so no booze for us. That CD made me fall for the band, and at the time I was sure the sound they were doing (similar to my favorites bis) was going to be the future of music. I was wrong in the end, but that didn’t matter, just because the masses never caught on only means they missed out on some good music. Not me though, it lead me to find and collect everything they put out! In the end they put out 3 CDs, a 12″ record and 3 7″ records, some of which seem to be sadly going completely out of print. The A side is completely exclusive to this release, while track 1 of the B side found its way onto a Captain Beefheart tribute and the second onto their previously mentioned 12″.

Side A
Superman on Tin Foil

Side B
the Past Sure is Tense
Amusing Ourselves

Front, Back & the Record

2 responses to “Winterbrief – Unwrapped

  1. WB combined ska, indie pop, and punk/hardcore into one delicious cocktail. Have they broken up for good? This single is high energy pop fun.

    • They’ve been broken up for quite some time. They were always one of my favorites, right up there w/ BIS, as they a bit similar in sound early on. Their 3 CDs can still be found and their 2 other 7″ records are pretty easy to get too (I think one is on iTunes even). The only other thing as hard to grab is the “Famous Shoppers” 12″ but most of those songs ended up on their 3rd CD. For fun punky dancey indie pop, winterbrief always fit the bill. Glad you enjoyed this!

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