ask rad jose : 30yr old rock star

JenSea, hailing from the Crossroads of America, asks:
what are the chances of rock stardom at 30?

It’s never too late to sell your soul to Satan. He doesn’t care how old you are, he just wants that sweet sweet soul meat. But it’s always a wise idea to have some blackmail material on the devil though. You don’t want to end up being a rock star for a while and then suddenly become some has-been, washed-up gutter dweller jangling on your 3 string guitar for pocket change from passer-bys who make fun of how bad you smell while you’re still in ear shot. No one wants that!

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One response to “ask rad jose : 30yr old rock star

  1. One of the students at my studio/school brought in a guy (very talented..) who played a 2 string guitar. I gotta say, at least it is an honest way to earn money.

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