5 Things I Actually Miss About Snow

I’ve lived away from snowy, or really even for that matter really cold weather for the last 3 years. To tell the truth I was always a snow hater. Hates it forever. But after talking to my Cousin S-Bomber the other day I was reminded of a few of the things I actually do miss about the cold and ice and snow.

Bitching About Snow
Man, I really miss this one. Cutting down any idiot who says nice things about snow. Really, are you unemployed or child hoping for a snow day? If you have to drive through it to get to work and you like snow, you’re an idiot who deserves everything you have coming to you when you slide into a telephone pole. I’ve been waiting to get that off my chest for the last few years. I feel better now.

Girls in Red Pea Coats
This more that not stems from a horribly delusional crush I had in my HS days on a girl at a coffee shop who I saw once wearing a red pea coat. It isn’t something I obsess about now, but it is always a welcome site. Out in LA during the winter months there’s not one damn reason to wear something that heavy when the sun is out e.g. the opportune time to show wearing one off. So basically it looks kind of ridiculous and I end up thinking how sweaty she must be rather than cute.

It’s the same as with the pea coats, it is not often cold enough to necessitate one. Sure, a lot of people wear them fashionably, but that seems so foreign and strange to me. Scarfs were invented for their function, even the coolest scarf looks really dumb in the light of day. Evenings in LA are a different story, and scarfs are nice, but I hardly get the chance to wear mine and I get all sorts of jealous I guess.

That Calming Glow in the Morning
Snow reflecting the sun off of its surface in the winter gives a particular shade of light coming into your window in the morning that can’t be beat by anything else. Not ever pure Summer sun light can best it. It is oddly comforting and if I didn’t have to leave the house for 3 months I could really have gotten to enjoy it a hell of a lot more.

Seeing Fat Guys Slip and Fall
Really, is there anything better/awesomer?

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