My 5 Favorite Adventures with Jake (so far…)

Adventures with Jake started out as something to do to make my 365 Days photo project more fun for me. I’d take a daily picture and all, got a few good ones, but taking pictures of me and my old skool Fisher Price little person Jake made me laugh. I’ve had Jake since I was a kid, but his first major role in my life was my senior year of HS (’95-’96) where he mostly stayed in my locker. It was during this time he got the name Jake. After that I mostly just let him be for a while on a shelf, but in inspiration struck during 1999 when I had to do a short commercial for my television production course at my college. I made a mock political ad in support of Jake, who’s full name is revealed as Jacob VanCleeve. After that Jake was once again a bit of a after thought, a childhood toy put away once more. When I moved to LA Jake was on a very short list of decorative things that I brought with me (which also included Frog, who’s been with me since birth) to put on a shelf. There are two central mysteries to Jake: A) Why I chose him over Frog to go on adventures with and take pictures and B) Where did his name came from. He’s not named after anyone I know or any characters I know of, heck, is VanCleeve even a real last name?

So in honor of Jake, and our going on adventures again (each Wednesday right here on this blog), I thought I’d take a quick look back at some of our previous awesome adventures!

New Comic Day!
OK this one is mostly awesome, except you can see my hand holding Jake up. I always hate when that happens! This is one of my favorites due to the fact that my girlfriend actually sent this picture to Rob Schrab when she had him sign a Scud poster for me!

Where is Jake?
This one is awesome because Jake is all hidey. It makes me laugh. And because I had to pay to get him in and out of the machine it is the most costly Adventure we’ve ever had!

It's Mexican night
The implication that that is a huge plate of food for Jake always makes me laugh. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, that something that broad and silly makes me smile, but it’s true.

Sneaky Sailors
Jake and I sneak on to a large ocean liner and stow away deep down somewhere in engineering. Because making up lies, even when they look plausible, is totally fun.

Looking for Jake in Dallas
Call me boring, but the out of focus Jake in the background just works for me. I liked the idea of Jake being some kind of master mind criminal or super spy that I was always on the trail of, but I only ever took this picture alluding to that idea. Ultimately I think it is because Jake and I work better at the bestest friend in the whole wide world!

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