ask rad jose : moving out

Frequent answer hoarder JenSea is back to ask:
i have still been back and forth between moving to chicago, and moving to austin. i love both cities, and have friends in both. i would like to move in april. have some advice?

Chicago or Austin, eh? In my studies I’ve found that Chicago is a town of myths and legend that takes years and struggle to find a map and a path to, and that Austin is a good place to go if you like drinking Lone Star w/ a bunch of frustrated musicians at Emo’s. So the answer is obvious. I suggest the hobo life for you. I’d wait until at least May before you move to Hobopolis (the capital for hobos) as you’ll want it to be a little bit warmer before you’re jumping rails, cooking beans in the can over a small fire and carrying a small bindle of your worldly possessions.

If you want to know your hobo name, you’re going to have to ask John Hodgeman about that. I don’t know EVERYTHING!

Hey you slackers, ask me a damn question! Do you have a question that you’d like to ask rad jose? Ask me, I’ll totally give you the best answer you’ve ever heard!

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