Combustibe Edison – Blue Light

Combustible Edison was a lounge revival band from Rhode Island back in the 90s. Mostly known for doing the soundtrack to 95’s cult film Four Rooms. Besides “the Misbehavers” segment it was probably the best part about the film. I always dug Combustible Edison, they were exactly what I was looking for in a lounge band and hell, they even created their own cocktail!

The Combustible Edison Cocktail
2oz Brandy
1oz Campari
1oz Fresh lemon juice
In a shaker full of cracked ice, combine Campari and lemon juice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Heat brandy in a chafing dish. When warm, ignite the brandy and pour flaming stream into the cocktail glass. If the brandy is chilled and shaken rather than ignited, the drinks is known as “The Edisonian.”

While I never owned a chafing dish I did manage to heat and ignite some brandy. The first time I didn’t quite get the flaming brandy into the glass before fumbling and spilling flaming booze all over my counter. Close call! Being super careful I got the brandy in the next try and let me tell you it was tasty! Try the drink, get these 2 songs from early in their career and enjoy your evening.

Side A
Blue Light

Side B
Summer Samba

Front, Back, & the Record

3 responses to “Combustibe Edison – Blue Light

  1. Links don’t work here. This is the only other one.

    Also, do you know any good, 2tone blogs?


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