5 Podcasts That I Love to Listen to

the Adam Carolla Podcast
This hardly needs any introduction, after all, it is the most downloaded podcast of all time or something. I like Adam, he’s always been funny to me so this is pretty up my alley. I started as an every day listener, then I got burnt out and started listening to only the guests I like, then quitting for a few months and now I’m back to listening to it at least 4 days a week. Adam is just so damn likable and reminds me of a sarcastic uncle or something.

Overthinking It
I just recently got into this one. They take a pop culture topic and then dissect and over think it. It’s fun if you have a geeky mindset like me. It is based on their website, so once a week they all call in together and have kind of a forum on. Lots of different and smart topics pop up from the most unlikely sources.

A Life Well Wasted
It’s a video game culture that well, rarely comes out. It is so well done that I look forward to whenever the host gets an episode together. He did a whole episode on people who hoard old games and gaming systems, one on why video game creators create and hope to accomplish and even one on the death of the pinball industry. Smart and well done, if only there were more!

Drunken Zombie
I’m not a big horror movie fan, but I am a big get together w/ some buddies and drink and talk about stupid stuff fan. That’s what this podcast is. Okey, so they’re all my friends so that makes it easy for me. They really do make me laugh, but they are pretty knowledgeable about what they’re talking about, and heck, I’ve used some of the info I’ve got from them to rock at pub trivia.

This American Life
It’s the same as the public radio show, but in podcast form. I always liked This American Life but I could never remember to listen to it on what ever hour they played in on Sunday. Now I get the opportunity to let it come to me. When the feed it late I go nuts, I want it, I want it by Sunday evening so I can listen to it at work dammit! Ira, who’s in charge of that? Crack the whip on them!

It should be noted that I myself am part of 2 podcasts, the world’s greatest reality show podcast I’m Not Here to Make Friends with my lovely girlfriend and solo with the music filled 23 Minutes of Ska.

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