5 Favorite Things About Vegas

Yay! This weekend Allison and I are headed to Vegas! Time to celebrate! Celebrate with a LIST!

Hash House A Go-Go’s Chicken and WafflesChicken & Waffles tower
It’s off the strip (but I think they built a new one close to it) but worth the drive. Everything there is yummy, but the fried chicken is something I dream of, and the waffles have bacon cooked in them. They are a masterpiece of culinary achievement.

Nine Fine Irishmen
It’s the Irish themed bar in the New York New York casino. It’s just so inviting. I’ve never even been there when the band is playing and I love it! It’s just a cool place to chill out and sip a Guinness.

The Burger Bar’s Desert BurgerAllison wanted dessert... not another burger!
It looks like a burger but it’s all candy and fruit. It’s effing good! If Hubert Kellar came up with this, he’s a genius, and if he didn’t, he hired a genius. Sometimes I don’t even want a genuine burger from the Burger Bar, but I’ll always want the Desert Burger!

The Tropicana
The Tropicana is pretty much the go to place to stay for Allison and I when in Vegas. It’s not too fancy and still holds some of that awesome old Vegas appeal. They’re doing it up all fancy, but I hope it doesn’t change too much, I really like the place! It might not be trendy, but it feels a lot more like the Vegas I enjoy than a bunch of the other hotel/casinos do.

Ridiculous DrinksJose likes pineapples!
I think that each time one goes to Vegas they should find a place that serves some ridiculous drink, or a drink in a ridiculous fashion. Either be the Girl Drink Drunk or drink out of a plastic guitar, it makes no difference, it’s always awesome and Vegas is the only city where it won’t look out of place.

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