23min of Ska : Return

It’s Thanksgiving time. A time to return home, see your family, hang out with old friends & maybe meet some new ones while you’re back in town for a few days. For some reason, Big D’s “Halfway Home” always reminds me of this time of year and a late night after some “Hey we’re all back in town, let’s hang out” kinda times. It might speak a lot more about me than anything else, but it’s still a damn fine tune. Also, speaking of meeting new people earlier, in the past month I’ve had the fortune of getting to know the band Do It With Malice and I’m pretty glad that I have. Nice guys, awesome sound and you can totally tell they’re having a ball playing these songs. I’m more than happy to share them here with all of you. Also, if the first song sounds familiar to you, Stinkfish later became the Siren Six and did a completely different arrangement of this song. There you go and that’s one to grow on. Hope you all enjoyed this episode!

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be featured or if you know some music that you think I should hear for future inclusion, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com! I’ll play most anything.

If you enjoyed Do It With Malice check out their website at http://www.diwmny.com and let them know and find when they’re touring near you so you can go, dance and say hey. Also, pick up their new album you cheapskate!

You can also subscribe to the podcast by going to your advanced tab on iTunes, then select “subscribe to podcast…” and entering this: http://23minofska.podomatic.com/rss2.xml into the box that opens. Don’t forget, you can always download it!

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