5 Very Good Reasons to Still Donate to Brooklyn Rocksteady

A couple episodes ago I interviewed Sam Gursky, director of the movie “Brooklyn Rocksteady” and we talked about many things, even how to donate money to help it get made. While Sam has met the goal he set for himself it is still possible to donate more, here’s some damn good reasons to.

1. This past Tuesday Sam ran into some camera troubles. Replacing a camera is going to be a big expense, and this wasn’t figured into the initial donation total. If there’s any reason to give now this is the best one.

2. The original goal of $3,000 was a low and modest number that Sam wasn’t even sure he’d reach. Therefore anything over that amount is gravy. More money is just going to make the project that much better. Also, don’t worry, all the money made through kickstarter is still going 100% to “Brooklyn Rocksteady”.

3. The incentives for donating are really really great! Even at the low end, $10 = a special thanks in the credits, $25 = the DVD, $50 gets you a shirt or poster! The incentives only get better from there.

4. Not to drag myself into it, but “23min of Ska” is and will always be free. It costs so little for me produce to maintain that it is practically nothing, so if you ever thought about forking over some cash to me to help with the podcast, forward it right to Sam & “Brooklyn Rocksteady”, it’ll have a better home there and is needed more.

5. It just feels good. It really does! And go back and listen to the episode where I interviewed Sam, he’s really excited about doing this, and it is an excitement that is infectious! Once you donate you’re wrapped up in this excellent thing Sam is doing too! You’re rooting for the little guy and joining his brigade! It is really super exciting!

So seriously, pick one of those, pick all of those as your reasons, and if you haven’t donated, donate, and if you have, spread the word to your friends who might be interested.

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