Why I Like Ska (Day One of Five : Maybe Because I’m A.D.D.)

Maybe because I’m A.D.D. that the rapid fire beat keeps me entertained more than other music. I say maybe because as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown an appreciation for rocksteady, reggae and two tone ska as well which take their time, aren’t as rushed and more about finding a good grove to settle into. Third wave ska, first wave ska and ska mixed with pop and punk really go far too fast to get a grip on and get your mind racing in a energetic mode. It was this manicness that clicked with me initially that practically forced me to dance. For the first time music moved me to do more than just stand and enjoy it. May brain was always going at speeds that were hard to handle and while I wasn’t hyperactive as a child and teenager, I couldn’t always slow down my thoughts to find enjoyment in a lot of music. Ska turned that all around for me. A decades old music style that fit my naturally caffeinated brain and made me feel less out of place in the world. Grabbing onto that speedy hook and appreciating it got me comfortable to a place to really ponder the music and lead to a love of the wide range of the genre, which ripples out into everything in my life.

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