Why I Like Ska (Day Five of Five: Finding New Bands, Constantly and Being Amazed at Their Twist on the Classic Ska Beat They Come Up With)

This one is pretty long and pretty self explanatory but I’ll try to write something more about it anyway. Ska has been around for so long that things could stagnate, but each new band brings their own musical ideas to add to the classic ska beat. I, for one, can’t believe that even after several years of me personally listening to ska that I still find it as fresh as I do. I’ve admitted before that after I moved from the Midwest to L.A. in ’06 that I fell out of the ska scene for a few years, in fact I’d even say starting in about ’02 I really was only paying attention to just Midwest ska and missed a lot of what was going on with the national and especially international ska scene. Ska has this wonderful ability to sound new even when dealing with a sound that is several decades old. I feel like I’m just repeating myself here… hmmm… I think we now know why I’m a podcaster and not a blogger about ska. I can’t write for anything, but I think I got across the point in the last week, and that is explaining some of the many reasons why I like ska.

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