the Big Ska Gamble – a 7″ vinyl record subscription club

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Do you remember the joy of finding new bands? The thrill of listening to a new record? The excitement of getting a package in the mail? I sure do and nothing else ever did come close to those feelings again. In trying to spread that wonderment I’m starting a 7″ subscription club focusing on bringing you the best in current ska music.

To that end, I took my time and found 6 bands to work with from across the United States. These bands and their records will comprise a record subscription club named the Big Ska Gamble. The subscription club will send out 2 7″ records starting in July and continuing every other month after that.

The participating acts are:
the Action League – ska/punk from San Luis Obispo, CA
Do It With Malice – ska/metal/hardcore punk from Buffalo, NY
the Georgetown Orbits – ska, reggae and dub from Seattle, WA
Lockstep – reggae punk from Indianapolis, IN
the Shifters – rocksteady from Washington D.C.
Stop the Presses – ska/surf/punk from Miami, FL

When I say these bands are participating, I mean just that, they are doing this. It isn’t some wish list. These artists have been hitting the studio over the last few months and have been laying down music. Right at this moment I have a lot of the songs from these bands with the rest coming in soon. We just need to get the money so that we can turn that cash into wonderful records for you to enjoy at home! Already having access to the music means one big thing: NO DELAYS! The bands and I have been working diligently to make sure every record will ship on time, provided we make our goal.

Once these records are sold, they are gone. Only a limited number of these are ever going to be pressed. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance on this opportunity would you?

So, there’s my pitch. The music is done. It wants to be heard. We’re all ready to go. The question is, are you ready to throw your money on the table and let it ride? Are you ready to take part in the Big Ska Gamble?

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