Bonus : Friends of Mine

A fifth Thursday this month? You know what that calls for, right? A rules breakin’ episode! How does this episode break all the rules? Well listen up, I’ll tell you, but I’m also going to tell you some totally non-mind blowing stuff about ska and friends. So, once you’ve been a ska fan for long enough you make friends. I know I have, some friends for LIFE! But also some friends in bands. I was in a band (lots of horns, no ska beat, not very good) that played along side ska and power pop bands regularly, so you know “inside the scene” friends. Friends that when you’d see each other outside a local show at a Denny’s or the local record shop or book store you’d stop and talk and hang out. You’d end up at the same parties and you were always glad to see them. You’d pay to go see them play if you weren’t on the bill that night, but they’d get you in free anyway. Those kinds of friends. They might not help you move, but they’ll always recognize you when they see you and will spend a few hours over drinks before either one of you moves far away from your hometown. Heck, they may even attend your wedding. There are bigger bands that have had, at one time or another, someone I know in them. There are also other bands that I got to know, who are totally cool, but we’re more like acquaintances. Also, recently I’ve started making friends in bands again, but I’ve yet to meet some of these wonderful folks in person. So here it is, some true blue friends in legitimate ska bands! And even though I didn’t move from Peoria, IL until I got out to Los Angeles, I did spend a lot of time in Madison, WI and Indianapolis, IN to get to know those guys. So, how am I breaking the rules? Some of these bands share members (sometimes the very guy in the band I knew) and that’s something I try not to do in a series of episodes let alone one. I do it for variety of music’s sake. But eff it! I just had my birthday and I wanted to listen to my friends’ bands and share them with you!

the Small Mediums at Large – Ha Ha Ha (the Small Mediums at Large ’99)
I Voted for Kodos – I Just Want You to Know (Close Enough for Ska ’00)
No Reason Given – Babylon America (New Demo ’02)
Corey Dixon & the Zvooks – Jack Ruby (Come and Go ’01)
the Malcontents – Get Out (the Malcontents ’04)
Roscoe P. Soultrane – New Day (Ska Spelled Backwards ’97)
the MIBs – Just for Kicks (the MIBs ’96)

If you’re in a ska band and would like to be interviewed or have a song featured, please email me at radjose[at]gmail[dot]com.

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