23min of Ska : To be the King

23ska-bwplaidWhat does it mean to be the King? I’ve heard that it is good. What it means to be a specific king, in this case King Django, it means that it time to release a brand new album in which he is backed by some amazing bands, so go check it out. For the rest of this episode I stuck with some of great bands that are also at the top of their craft to complement this opening track. I just heard of The scandals while putting this ep together and I have to say, I’m a fan! Demon Waffle mounted a successful Kickstarter last year to get us this album and I’m glad they pulled it off! I’ve been hearing about Soul Radics and the Heavy Beat for a while and got to check them out, I hope you are as impressed as I am. I stumbled across Class Action last year and was waiting for the perfect time to slip in a song from their most recent EP. Then to top it all off, a track from the Bosstones, I’m sure you can all agree on how great they are too!

King Django – Career Opportunities (Anywhere I Roam ’13)
The scandals – Break SKA Situation (Break SKA Situation / Smile ’10)
Demon Waffle – Too Fast (Eat Your Breakfast ’12)
Soul Radics – the Worst Thing (Down the Hall ’12)
Class Action – Simplify (An Extra Bar of the Wrong Song ’12)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Everybody’s Better (A Jackknifte to a Swan ’02)
the Heavy Beat – One Drop (At the Underground Echo Cellar ’12)

Find & like 23min of Ska on facebook. Also, feel free to download this episode. Ska is better on vinyl. Hit up Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, we have what you need!

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