Midweek Ska World Update

Relevant Kickstarter/BigTunes Campaigns
Sammy K and the East Los Three are even closer to their goal, this album is going to be a ripper, seriously check it out, it will be awesome and needs just a little more help
Urban Pirate Records wants to get out a 5 piece 7″ set w/ a whole mess of great ska bands, it’s stalled a bit but let’s push it over the line, lot’s of great acts (like the Slackers and such) contributing to this

It is the last week to cash in on some of the rewards that Big D & the Kids Table is offering to supporters of their kickstarter

Mustard Plug JUST started a short string of West Coast shows today
Jamaican Oldies Weekend is this weekend in Chicago, buy a pre-sale ticket now before you get down to all this awesomeness! Eric “Monty” Morris w/ Soul Radics and Roy & Yvonne w/ the Prizefighters, what isn’t there to love?
By the Rivers is also kicking off a tour on March 1st in the UK that will run through the first half of this month

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