23min of Ska : It Could be Great

23ska roofSince I last left you I spent a week on vacation. Not just on vacation, but sick. Yes, I was sick on vacation. It sucked. I’m supposed to be relaxing, getting some sun and hanging out on the beaches or something. Instead I’m stuck inside. Boo! On the upside I got a bit more time to jam out to a bunch of forgotten and new songs on my ipod, which resulted in this exact episode. Good stuff that all should’ve been used in a episode before now. So enjoy this, I know that I did while I was coughing up a lung in a darkened hotel room.

the Valuables
– Habits (the Valuables ’10)
the Skints – Rat-at-at (Part & Parcel ’12)
Pressure Cooker – Hold On (What She Wants ’08)
We Are the Union – 415 in Progress (You Can’t Hide the Sun ’12)
Take A Hint – Humanity Crime (TAH EP! ’12)
Small Town Get Up – Sandcastles (Mayhem Circus ’11)
Sunny Side Up – Anthems for an Underdog (Sunny Side Up ’11)

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2 responses to “23min of Ska : It Could be Great

  1. Small Town Get Up’s new EP just came out a couple of months ago: it’s called “No Tradebacks.” Really cool tuneage.

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