23min of Ska : End of the Evening

23ska-blueplaidIt is the end of another night out on the town, what kind of craziness did you get into? Me, not too much, beers drank w/ old friends from back home, catching up w/ some family and friends, so you know, the usual, it is what late nights were meant for. I know it is so cold in the rest of the country, but Los Angeles is so warm that it is already getting me in that Springtime mood. It is pretty crazy! Raise your glasses if you’ve had a great night out lately, and tip them (and a few more) back if you need one.

Madness – Night Boat to Cairo (One Step Beyond ’79)
Wobbly Bob – That’s What She Said (Life Lessons for Losers ’11)
Sounds Like Chicken – Spilt Beers & Drunken Tears (…Like a Cannonball to the Ocean Floor ’04)
Grim Luck! – Monarchs Can’t Dance Like the Punx Can!! (Alexandra Vol. 2 : the Dread ’11)
the Smooths – Bottom Floor (No Breaks ’98)
Rude City Riot – 25 Years (Nothin’ but Time ’11)

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