23min of Ska : May Mix Tape : the ’00s : Side A (part two)

00mixTapeA2And here we are again, still stuck in ’00s, hearing the bright sparks of ska bands that refused to throw in the towel, just because mainstream taste-makers did. I won’t lie to you, during much of the early ’00s, I didn’t abandon ska music, but I got much more insular and into the bands in the Midwest at the time before moving out to LA half way through that decade and trying to catch up w/ the ska that was going on in the world at the time. I feel as if I am still playing catch up, but I loved my local ska bands so much I wanted to give them all the support I could, sorry world ska scene, I’m learning and making up for it now! And this concludes side A of the 90min ’00s mix tape.

Infamous Jake & the Pinstripe Mafia – Standing Proud (This is the Beginning of the End ’03)
the Hijacks – Victim! Ain’t No Alternative (Free Your Mind ’07)
7 Seconds of Love – Looking for My Leopard (Danger is Dangerous ’08)
the Pinstripes – Find It! (the Decay ’07)
Synthetic Elements – Take Me Home (Synthetic Elements ’05)
Westbound Train – Fatty Boom Boom! (Transitions ’06)
Sonic Boom Six – For 12 Weeks, the City is Theirs (Arcade Perfect ’07)

Find & like 23min of Ska on facebook. Also, feel free to download this episode. Ska is better on vinyl. Hit up Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, we don’t have any cassettes, but we have some great vinyl records!

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