23min of Ska : Kick Start My Heart

23ska roofI’m a fan of Kickstarter, have been for a long long time, pretty much since I’d heard of it back in ’09, and in my time I’ve backed mostly music projects, and of those mostly ska projects. I like being able to support the bands I love as direct as I possibly can, also, I like to support newer acts that just need that last bit of cash to get the record out. Here’s 8 songs from 8 bands that I have personally thrown down cash for. Trust me, you’re going to love this episode! No need to thank me, I’d’ve just spent that money on ska somehow anyway.

Big D & the Kids Table – Shit Tattoos (Stomp ’13)
the Shifters – She’s so Fine (In It! ’12)
Rude King – Remember (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
Something to Do – Man in the Black Sedan (Music for Fine Dining ’12)
PapaFish – 1 to 10 (the Lab ’13)
Uncle Joel’s Comb – Better Together (Tubular ’12)
the Loose Ties – Awesomer Than You (Champ of the Week ’12)
the Scotch Bonnets – Live Ya Life (Live Ya Life ’13)

Find & like 23min of Ska on facebook. Also, feel free to download this episode. Ska is better on vinyl. Hit up Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, we have some great vinyl records!

2 responses to “23min of Ska : Kick Start My Heart

  1. Discovered lots of great new bands on this one! Thanks!

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