23min of Ska : Here Comes the Summer

23ska-bwplaidSummer is literally right around the corner! Woo! Let’s hear it for warm weather! Let’s hear it for ska music! Let’s hear some ska music, that’s why we’re here, right? Well then, let’s get started and dig right in to some great music. Great music plus Summer, it is the greatest match ever!

Dan P. – Eat the Planet (Eat the Planet ’07)
Sammy K & the East los Three – Lorimer (Sammy K & the East los Three ’12)
the Snails – Rocksteady & Roll (From Kingston to Memphis ’11)
Jr. Thomas – Face in the Crowd (Jr. Thomas Meets the Venditions ’13)
the Delirians – Move Around (Move Around / Overdub ’11)
Show Me Island – Mornings (Show Me Island ’13)
the Snare – This Generation (This Generation ’11)

Find & like 23min of Ska on facebook. Also, feel free to download this episode. Ska is better on vinyl. Hit up Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, we have some great vinyl records!

3 responses to “23min of Ska : Here Comes the Summer

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  2. Dang.
    I’d never heard of Show Me Island until today. Where the hell have I been? That was an easy $9 to spend.
    Thanks for putting out a quality podcast. Hard to find broadcasts that embrace all three waves.

    • Hey, Thanks for the support! I found out about Show Me Island a bit ago and have been loving them, glad you do to! Anything I can do the spread the word of great bands!

      I try real hard for quality, so thanks for kind words. I’ve also got a bit of flack lately for playing so much modern stuff that to have a listener like you appreciate what I’m doing is all the sweeter! As long as I have great listeners like you I won’t let the haters get to me and I’ll keep going! Thanks!

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