23min of Ska : Hello, My Name Is

23ska-diceThis one is for everyone that tells me that they can’t remember the songs that are played from week to week. The complaint is that they’re not sure what band is what. So I made it easy for all them. Each band is singing a song named after the band. If you have any questions, it is right there, wait for the chorus to come around again! Easy, huh?

Dance Hall Crashers
– DHC (Skankin’ Round the World 4 ’90)
Madness – Madness (the Prince / Madness ’79)
Cartoon Violence – Cartoon Violence (Whatever Happened to the Likely Lad? ’09)
Red Soul Community – Red Soul Community (Pump Reggae ’08)
Let’s Go Bowling – L.G.B. (Music to Bowl By ’91)
Lone Raspberry – Lone Raspberry (Children of the Horn ’96)
King Apparatus – King Apparatus (King Apparatus ’99)
Attaboy Skip – ABS (Another EP? ’97)

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