23min of Ska : And the Horsemen Shall Ride

23skaPumpkinThe night is getting longer, as well as getting colder out. This is the turning point, there’s just a few more weeks of outdoor time before you only leave you living space for transport to work, food or music. No more frolicking in nature for most of you, and if there is, not for very long. This is the time to grab a warm cider, step outside and enjoy it while you can, much like everything else, it is fleeting, so grab it now!

Look at that lovely logo! That Ska-O-Lantern carved by Geoff Henkle! It was part of the annual Ska-O-Lantern contest put on by my buddy Miles! Geoff wins this Honorable Mention for now, good luck in the finals Geoff!

Big D & the Kids Table – Breaking the Bottle (Strictly Rude ’07)
Highball Holiday – Playground (Highball Holiday ’97)
the Screw-Ups – Watch Yourself (EP ’13)
el Gran Miercoles – Veracruz 4 (This is Surf-Steady ’11)
the Delegators – I Didn’t Mean to Break Your Heart (All Aboard ’13)
Bombskare – Panic Button (Fistful of Dynamite ’09)
the Pomps – Right My Ship (Top of the Pomps! ’12)
Stretch – Tug of War (Armstrong ’96)

Find & like 23min of Ska on facebook. Also, feel free to download this episode. Ska is better on vinyl. Hit up Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, we have some great vinyl ska records!

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