23min of Ska : Keep All Your Secrets Undercover

23skaSOAPWhen building yourself up, don’t forget to keep part of yourself to yourself. Your ego is only scaffolding that eventually needs to be removed so you can shine, but you can’t give everything away. We all need our secrets. We need that little part of us to keep inside our heads that makes us, well, ourselves. Remember that, remember your core, what defines you, it isn’t anything that external, and it is hard to explain, but don’t lose it. That being said… here’s a bunch of cover songs for you! Yay! And yeah, two Operation Ivy covers, so what, they’re both good, deal with it.

the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Rudie Can’t Fail (Burning London : the Clash Tribute ’99)
the Pepper Pots – Be My Baby (Shake It! ’07)
the Pinstripes – Holiday (the Holiday Sessions Vol. 3 ’11)
Sammy K And the East Los Three – Bankshot (Dale la Bota ’13)
the Holophonics – Making People Normal (MaSKArades Vol. 3 ’13)
the Amphetameanies – This Boy (Now! That’s What I Call the Amphetameanies ’06)
Save Ferris – Artificial Life (Orange County’s Punk Vs. Ska: Round One ’97)
the Frits – Concrete Jungle (Spare Shells : a Tribute to the Specials ’00)

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