23min of Ska : Never Go Back Home Again

23ska-orangeplaidWhen I first moved away from the area I grew up it I made it a point to not go back for a visit too soon. Not that I didn’t like the area, in fact I loved it, but I knew I’d never get used to LA if I didn’t give it a fair shake. When I did go home, well, I found it lacking. The thing is, Peoria didn’t change all that much, but I did, my friends and family did. It took me a bit to get my head around it. It wasn’t just a geographical location I was missing, but also a temporal location. Peoria, IL 1999 – 2005 isn’t a place I can visit or point to on a map. Sure, I can find and go to the place I called home, but I can’t go back there w/o a flux capacitor. Ultimately that’s a good thing. Memories are as good as gold in the end, be thankful for the fact that you have any good ones at all. It’s never the location, it is what you do w/ the time that you are there that counts.

Johnny Socko – Sour Me (Full Trucker Effect ’97)
Greenhouse – Fire Escape (Tomorrow the World ’98)
Corey Dixon & the Zvooks – Pleasant Surprise (Calm Down ’01)
I Voted for Kodos – Guess I’ll Never Know (Dear Chris Demakes, I’m Also Never Going Back to New Jersey ’13)
the Heat Machine – I Just Wanna Have a Good Time (No Coast Dance Party ’09)
MU330 – KKK Hiway (Ultra Panic ’02)
Green Room Rockers – Dark Thoughts (Darker Version) (Urban Pirate Booty Vol. 2 ’13)
Deal’s Gone Bad – Far From Home (Far From Home / These Arms of Mine ’12)

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