23min of Ska : Always Double Down on Eleven

23ska-aceThere are certain facts in life. The sun always rises from the East, never drink OJ after brushing your teeth, and most of all, you always double down on eleven (not to mention, always split on eights). Most other advice in life isn’t worth the time it takes to comprehend the words others have spoken, but those 3 (4) hold fast. Don’t doubt them, and use these facts to go forth and conqueror the world. I also wanted to point out that there’s two songs in this episode that are making their world premier, the Pinstripes and the Dropsteppers have a new split 7″ coming out in the next few days, click on the album title for details where to get yr own copy!

the Pinstripes – Wake Up (Urban Pirate Booty Vol. 6 ’13)
Mustard Plug – Over the Edge (In Black and White ’07)
the Good Skamaritans – Everything’s Okay (Time to Save the World ’00)
the Dropsteppers – Right on Time (Urban Pirate Booty Vol. 6 ’13)
doctormanette – Fifteen Labels (the Same Thing Over & Over ’99)
Goldfinger – I Need to Know (Hang-Ups ’97)
the Prizefighters – One Thousand Words (One Thousand Words / Lost at Sea ’13)
the Moon Invaders – Bet Your Bottom Dollar (the Fine Line ’11)

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