23min of Ska : the Shape of Things to Come

23ska-beerI’ve never been one of those people to say that music saved my life, let alone ska music. It didn’t, in the least. But music, especially ska music has enhanced my life in ways I can’t begin to count. It cheers me up when I’m down, it makes me dance when I’m already up, but most of all, it let me meet some of the raddest group of people I’ve ever known. From back in the day when I got into it, up to today, I just can’t believe the friends and acquaintances I’ve made through ska. It really shocks me sometimes. But yeah, ska didn’t save my life, but it might have made it worth living.

Show Me Island – the Stomp (Show Me Island ’13)
the Dropsteppers – Move One Up (Darker Side of Grey ’13)
Step Lively – Sea of Strangers (the Trigger Effect ’99)
the Vengers – the Shape of Things to Come (Push This? ’95)
Skavoovie & the Epitones – Desert Gold (the Growler ’99)
Murphy’s Kids – Enthusiastic Strangers Say “Hell Yes!” (This is Where We Live ’13)
Skazofrenia – Ciudadano (This is Skazo ’12)

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2 responses to “23min of Ska : the Shape of Things to Come

  1. Hello mate.
    This is Chris from the Vengers. I was the tall obnoxious singer bass player that fell off the stage from time to time.
    I was just browsing the net and came across your site.
    I agree that Ska just makes things brighter and use ska cd’s to clean my house.
    I did reform the band twice in Portland but both times whenever we got booked into the nicer venues my job transferred me. Cheers mate. Chris Welsh

    Thanks for including us in your selection. It’s nice to know that

    • Wow! Thanks Chris! I wish I’d gotten to see you guys back in the day, but I’m afraid that there was too much distance between us! Thanks to the internet I’ve been able to see what the rest of the ska world was experiencing while I was going to just about every ska show in the Midwest!

      Not sure when, or how I got a hold of the Vengers CD but I pretty much dug it right away! Thanks for making the music that makes so many ska fans happy, and thanks for checking out the podcast!

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