23min of Ska : How Dare You Sir or Ma’am!

23ska-bwplaidOver the Summer when I was posting episodes of this podcast, for several episodes in a row I kept getting comments that were, frankly, kinda mean. I like doing this podcast, because I like ska music, traditional as well as stuff like ska/punk. These rude comments were pretty much always on the more ska/punk episodes. Now, said person has stopped coming around to cause some trouble, but as I put this episode together, I just couldn’t help but smile, knowing how much they would hate it. Sometimes I’m a bitch too.

Bomb the Music Industry! – the First Time I Met Sanawon (Adults!!!… Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited by Nothing!!!!!!! ’10)
the Nix86 – This I Promise You (Evil Empurr ’12)
Less Than Jake – Good Enough (See the Light ’13)
the Hippos – Far Behind (Heads are Gonna Roll ’99)
the Pietasters – Girl Take it Easy (Oolooloo ’95)
the Skints – Up Against the Wall Riddim (Part & Parcel ’12)
Bruce Lee Band – Dianna (Community Support Group ’14)

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2 responses to “23min of Ska : How Dare You Sir or Ma’am!

  1. keep up da goods man you doing what you like , and it’s SKA!!!! they dont like it they can change the channel

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