23min of Ska : Back and Forth and Back Again

23skaHAWAIIANBack when I was a young lad, which is going back further and further all the time, a group of friends and I would go to any ska shows we could find. One such show took us all the way to a Rockford, IL skate park. At said skate park was a ska show that started at 10 AM and ended at 10 PM. It was glorious! 12 hours of ska! My favorite part was that every band was a bit different, traditional ska, ska-punk, new wavey ska, you know what I’m saying, right? Anyway, I loved it! After a more traditional band, then a punky one, then a more 2 Tone style band followed by a ska-pop band! This is what I’m trying to bring out on this episode, going back and forth all over the style map, but it all has that killer ska beat.

the Impossibles – Come Back (Come Back / the Position ’13)
the Smooths – History’s Burning (No Breaks ’98)
Pressure Cooker – Rockin’ by the Sea (Burning Fence ’03)
Call Me Malcolm – Does My Offbeat Look Big in This? (Check Sells ’11)
LODD – Ska James Infirmary (Et Pourquoi? ’11)
New Riot – Welcome to Our World (Riot.Sleep.Repeat ’11)
the Pressure – Fly No More (the Pressure ’14)

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2 responses to “23min of Ska : Back and Forth and Back Again

  1. You’re doing a hudge job. Big up man, don’t stop and thank you for playing this nice swiss ska band called LODD. =)

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