23min of Ska : When You Ought to be Changin’

23skaAPPLEChange is inevitable. Order succumbs to entropy. Learn to flow with chaos. When I was young I didn’t know this yet. I built a house called “me” and had my limitations set by parental, social and religious authority. I grew up with out questioning much. But I also grew up sad, I was growing up a schemer, I was getting sick of myself and I was taking it out on others. I had internalized the limitations that were only meant as a safety rope and was now rebelling against authority in general because I let them define me. In the end I got better. I don’t know if I grew up in the traditional sense, as I basically build a new suit for my personality, a new house named “me” and designed it with no limitations. It took awhile, but I got there, then I started setting up who I was and picking, as more of an adult, who I would be. It was liberating, but scary as all hell. Anyone who knew me in the early ’00 and still talks to me are the greatest folks in the universe! I was a mess, going several directions at once and talking a mile a minute doing so. Allowing myself to think thoughts and experiencing things that I had previously deemed “not for me” because it “isn’t who I am” was the best thing I ever did. Best part is, I’m not done yet, there’s no end goal, this is life, don’t imprison your self! It is ever changing, go with it, you’ll reap rewards and be happier! In the end, I know who I am, I’m Rad Jose AKA Bryan J, and I make podcasts, please enjoy.

the Sinisters – Fountain of Youth (the Sinisters ’13)
Be Like Max – Cut ‘Em Off (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)
the Bandulus – Back to the City (the Times We Had ’12)
Save the Swim Team – Prescribing Something Stronger (the Big Compromise ’13)
Dan Potthast – Losing My Shirt (Eat the Planet ’07)
Chris Murray – Everything’ll Be Alright (Yard Sale ’09)
Eli Whitney & the Sound Machine – Don’t Ask Me (Mickey ’11)
Red Soul Community – These Boots are Made for Walking (a Boss Tribute to Nancy Sinatra ’12)

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