23min of Ska : Brews, Fights, Friends and More Brews

23ska-beerIt has been a rough week. Working overtime, filing taxes, trying to get back into the exercise habit. That’s just my current burdens, e know we all have our own that we have to carry from week to week until we can shrug them off. The thing is, is that we have to keep looking forward to a brighter future. It’ll happen, for some of us it is as close as the next weekend, drink or concert, but it is coming! So don’t let what life has thrown at you get you too down, as it’ll right itself soon, so that you may grin from ear to ear once more.

My Man Friday – Third Place Miss America (Night of the Exotic Tiki Gods ’99)
Aggressors B.C – Tone of the Times (Tone of the Times ’13)
Skandalous All-Stars – Columbus, TX (Age of Insects ’99)
the Pomps – Icepack! (Top of the Pomps! ’12)
Vent – Alive (Not Punk Enough ’00)
Hörinfarkt – Komm nackt und bring Bier mit (AbhörSKAndal ’14)
Survay Says! – Show Me Potato Salad! (Things I Need to Say ’13)

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