23min of Ska : I Won’t be a Wage Slave

23ska-yellowplaidDidn’t we all make crazy declarations in our youth? Not so much the very young, you know in the vein of “I’m gonna be an (/astronaut//cowboy//president/)” variety. More of the teenage “I’m to be an (/artist//actor//musician/)” kinda thing. Basically, anything to fulfill our inner creativity and get paid for it. Or maybe because, by all costs, we refused to work for “the man” in a “cubicle farm” and become a dreaded “corporate drone.” Maybe that was just me and all my arty friends… In the end most of us got jobs at (more or less) conventional companies, and it isn’t as bad as we though it would be. Maybe the fear of adult assimilation was what we really wanted to avoid, and once we got old enough we realized, hey it isn’t so bad. In the end I’d still rather be and astronaut/cartoonist though.

Bomb the Music Industry! – Tell My Boss, “I Hate You” (Others! Others! ’09)
the Branlarians – Big T Song (the 1st and Maybe the Only! ’13)
the Slackers – If You See My Baby (Lost and Found ’09)
Black Square – Poison (Black Square ’11)
the Mighty Mighty Bosstones – It Can’t Hurt (More Noise & Other Disturbances ’91)
Victims of Circumstance – This Riot Used to be a Party (Roll the Dice ’09)
Stand Out Riot – Spacesuit (Carnival Militia ’09)

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4 responses to “23min of Ska : I Won’t be a Wage Slave

  1. I discovered this page in early 2011, and I have to say….. Please don’t stop keep this up. I usually download every episode, and then when I listen to them it’s at the perfect time, and the music just flows. Ska is my favorite genre of music ever. It’s mellow, or fast, and mellow, or fast and anger, or fast and sad, or slow and mellow, slow and anger, or slow and sad, BUT every time I hear it…. My brain just listens and blocks out everything else. I wish there was a better word than awesome. Because Ska is Awesome, amazing, beautiful, spectacular, super, killer, the fucking beez neez!

    Skank on!!!!

    • First, thanks for coming back over and over again through the years! That is awesome to hear! I (and the bands) appreciate it! Also, I too am like you, ska is my favorite style of music and all of it is good, mellow, fast, angry, fun, whatever, I dig pretty much all of it! I plan to keep it up for a bit longer, hope that you continue to dig it!

  2. Tuning in from my cubicle! Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

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