Rerun-ish : 23min of Ska : Excuse Me Mr.

A Note: This episode first “aired” in September of 2012. Well, not exactly. The original episode has one song in it that has been swapped out for another. See, when I first made this episode I’d planned on using “Mr. Tragedy” by the Slackers, then I saw I wanted to use a different Slackers song in another episode right after this one and didn’t want my listeners to have some Slackers overkill, so I replaced it w/ “Mr. Pink” by the Articles. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that I’d just used “Mr. Pink” in a episode about a month before! Whoops! I didn’t realize this until it was far too late. Then in the next episode the Slackers song I was going to use there got edged out and delayed for a while, meaning I could’ve totally done what I wanted w/o worry and not have played that Articles song twice… if only I had a time machine… So here is the episode as it was originally intended!

Here’s the episode’s original write up (w/ a few minor changes): In honor of my awesome cat Mr. Pants, here is a whole bunch of songs for the Misters! There is a lot of absolute classics in here! You can’t beat the Toasters, the Articles the Slackers or the Smooths! Hands down, great songs by great bands! New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble and Pressure Cooker also the deliver the good diggin’ down on the ska sound. The Stretch Band (AKA Stretch Armstrong) throws in a cover of one of my favorite Devo songs, and while it loses the ska beat every now and again, it is so good, I couldn’t leave it out! Then smack in the middle of all this, I hit you with Jorge and the Landladies incredibly lush and psychedelic sound. If you don’t have that album yet, I don’t know what more convincing you’ll need.

the Toasters – Mr. Trouble (Skaboom! ’87)
New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Mr. Pitiful (Low Blow ’97)
the Stretch Band – Mr. DNA (Mashin’ Potatoes comp ’00)
Jorge & the Landladies – Mr. David (Monobound ’12)
Pressure Cooker – Mr. Precious (Future’s History ’06)
the Slackers – Mr. Tragedy (the Great Rocksteady Swindle ’10)
the Smooths – Mr. Figurehead (Very Own Vegas ’96)

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