23min of Ska : Power, the Energy and the Upbeat

23ska roofHere’s a fat bunch of ska, rocksteady and ska/punk to fill your ears with! A bunch of great songs! Kicked off with a lost-ish/obscure-ish tune from Goldfinger followed by a song that I’ve never been able to shake out of my head from the Forthrights that I was shocked to find I hadn’t previously played on the podcast. Then there’s an older song from the Amphetatmeanies while I wait for their latest album to finally come out! Speaking of new albums, I’ve included a song from the Georgetown Orbits’ new album that should be coming soon! Then we have the Screw-Ups, who are a great band, so check out their EP, every song on it is great! The Boss Beats were a local act out of L.A. that I got to see and I loved them, but they are no longer together, still the music lives on in my heart and on this podcast. We wrap up w/ a song that I’ve had for a while, but misplaced, so thanks to the A-OKS for being so patient, a great group of guys and providing a killer song to boot! I haven’t done a song breakdown like this in a while. I usually refrain from it, as I find it a little dry in some respects, but I understand that not everyone wants to read my take on the philosophies of life like I usually put up.

00:00 – Goldfinger – Seems Like Yesterday (Meet the Deedles soundtrack ’98)
02:55 – the Forthrights – Lord I Pray (the Forthrights ’12)
06:09 – the Amphetameanies – Life without You (Right Line in Nylons ’00)
09:11 – the Georgetown Orbits – Holding the Key (Third Rock Steady ’14)
13:45 – the Screw-Ups – Don’t Care Much (EP ’13)
16:44 – the Boss Beats – Foolish (III ’12)
20:17 – the A-OKs – Anarchy in the Pre-K (Funemployment Benefits ’14)

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