23min of Ska : Some Help to Pass the Time

23ska roofHere’s a selection of songs to help get you from one end of your day to the next. Actually, it can’t do that, it’s only 23min long, that’s far too short! But, I dunno, play it over and over again? Or pause it after a minute and wait and hour to hit play again for another minute. Something like that, right? All kidding aside, I hope you dig this! That’s a fresh new track from the Delirians, I’m really enjoying their debut full length! Also, check that Rude King track East Coast, cuz Rude King is gonna be all up in ya in a few weeks! You best get out to see them, their live show is certainly something to behold, and they are some of the friendliest folks I’ve ever met!

00:00 – the Delirians – Get Up (Get Up! ’14)
02:34 – the Freecoasters – Keep Moving (the Freecoasters ’14)
04:52 – the Stiff Joints – Wish You Were Mine (Circus on Repeat ’13)
08:13 – Daniel Flores & the Rumba Box – Hard Man Fe Dead (Todo Hombre es Una Isla ’12)
11:22 – Rude King – the Gift (It’ll Probably be Alright ’13)
14:43 – los Kaites – la Noche de las 10 000 Luces (Desde el Imperio de la Decadencia ’12)
18:24 – Johnny Socko – Torgugas (Full Trucker Effect ’97)

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