23min of Ska : the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

23skaTEMPLEFirst, check that Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra track! This is kinda the American debut of that song, for reals! The only way to have heard it already is to have been a filthy bootleggin’ pirate! (Or live in Japan I guess.) Second, that intro track by the Zvooks, all intros on any podcast should be that good! The Zvooks used to play a bunch around my area, loved those guys, that song was a set staple, hearing it always brings me back to dancing in an American Legion Hall or the back room of a pizza joint. That’s the thing about ska, it’s always out there, somewhere, lurking, ready to show you a good time and get you to move your feet! All the other songs are flippin’ great as well, but I had to call attention to those two! Enjoy!

00:00 – Corey Dixon and the Zvooks – Got All My Life (Calm Down ’01)
02:47 – Deal’s Gone Bad – Good Old Days (the Ramblers ’07)
06:41 – Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra feat. Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Wake Up (Ska Me Forever ’15)
11:17 – Punch the Clown – $10 Cigar (the Secret Life of Punch the Clown ’98)
13:57 – Call Me Malcolm – Tally Man (Check Sells ’11)
16:42 – One Groovy Coconut – Millennium Falcon (More Like This Than That ’89)
19:17 – the Longshots – Why You Fightin’ Rudy (Borrowed Time ’14)

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