23min of Ska : Luck (Is for Losers)

23ska-ace“Luck is for Losers” is a phrase my wife has been saying a lot lately. It’s totally true. We make our own luck. If you don’t put yourself in the right place at the right time you’ll never even have that chance to “be lucky!” Luck had nothing to do with it, you made the choices in life that lead to such good fortune. About half the bands in this episode took it upon themselves to send me a message about their band and maybe a few songs, the other half I was lucky enough to stumble upon. The former made their own luck, the latter I consider myself lucky to have found. It’s a big, crazy world out there, don’t waste your time, get out in front of it and make your “luck” happen.

00:00 – Greenhouse – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Tomorrow the World ’98)
02:39 – Flying Raccoon Suit – Lucky Day (Paper Airplanes ’12)
04:10 – the Stiff Joints – CAM (Circus on Repeat ’13)
06:12 – Ska’s the Limit – If it Were Me (Ska’s the Limit ’14)
09:05 – the Skarsoles – When We Were Kings (When We Were Kings ’13)
12:26 – Ellwood – Dancin’ Girl (Lost in Transition ’11)
15:48 – Be Like Max – Local Band (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)
19:55 – the Jellycats – When I Do (When I Do ’12)

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