23min of Ska : Bits

23ska8BITOf all the wack ideas I’ve done on 23min of Ska, this is the most wack. This is either a monumentally stupid idea to drop this episode right now, or an even worse idea to have even made it in the first place! But I just couldn’t help it. I swore I would never really make and episode with chiptune ska, but after hearing that Night Gaunts song and it having sounds that reminded me of video game music, well, like they say: it was on. Are all the songs straight chiptune? Hell no! That’d be boring! A lot of these artists use the computer noises to build off of, others don’t, it’s a mixed bag, just like my episodes normally are. So here it is, either the most daring episode I’ve ever made, or the worst episode I ever made. Or both. Frankly, I like it, and I felt I had to put it out. Look, son, I take risks. Stupid, stupid risks.

00:00 – Night Gaunts – 8 Dollars (Night Guants / Days N Daze split ’15)
03:45 – the J. Arthur Keenes Band – Cluck (Computer Savvy ’11)
05:25 – Fish Hook – Back Home (Waves ’15)
07:56 – MicroD – Rebound (Rude Boy comp ’10)
11:00 – Bomb the Music Industry! – Sorry, Brooklyn. Dancing Won’t Solve Anything (Goodbye Cool World ’07)
15:42 – Sudstep – KKK Highway (Chip Ska ’15)
16:11 – Slime Girls – a Cruel Angel Thesis (Ayanami Reggae Ver.) (Vacation Wasteland ’12)
19:41 – Dubmood – Pressure Drop (Atari-Ska L’Attack ’07)

8-bit logo created by Slenderauss

Show support for the band by clicking on those links and checking out their websites and music! Show support for the podcast by finding & liking 23min of Ska on facebook as well as follow on twitter. Also, feel free to download this episode if you wanna keep it forever. Another way to support the podcast is to buy some records from our partners in crime over at Grandpa’s Casino Recordings, they carry some great vinyl ska records!

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