23min of Ska : 19th Hole

23skaGOLFWhy in the hell would I make an episode with such a tenuous link to a theme? As always, because I thought it would be funny. So I start going through my head, computer and CD collection looking for key words, and I kept finding great songs! These were songs that I hadn’t played on the show before! So, yeah, golf is kinda dumb, and I don’t even play, but a golf themed episode made me laugh and there was too many great songs popping up that I had to do it. If there was a patron saint of golfing I’d say they influenced me or something… wait… there is? And it’s St. Andrew… and I didn’t even play a single Scottish ska band on this episode? Er… damn, I wish I hadn’t looked that up right before I started typing this text! Anyway, water traps and sand pits ahoy, it’s damn time to take a few shots off of your game before getting out of the sun to retire to the bar in the country club for a few beers. Right? Nah, still boring.

00:03 – Hepcat – Country Time (Scientific ’96)
03:16 – Club 99 – Grain of Sand (Club 99 ’13)
06:04 – MU330 – Stagnant Water (MU330 ’99)
08:00 – Reel Big Fish – Join the Club (Turn the Radio Off ’96)
11:20 – Bobby Pins & the Saloon Soldiers – Place in the Sun (Dancing on the Moon ’09)
15:20 – 2000 Tons of TNT – Shot in the Dark (Reggae Mysteria ’12)
18:21 – New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble – Bob Barker (New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble ’95)
20:18 – Skandalous All-Stars – Wish You Were a Beer (Hit Me ’97)

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