23min of Ska : 18yrs Old Means You’re an Adult… Right?

23ska9BALLEveryone who’s 18 thinks they know what they’re talking about. I was no exception. Big talking idiot. Yeesh! I’m glad there’s not too many people that know the stories of my youth. Mostly being a loud mouthed idiot. Getting into minor trouble, and pissing off the people I should’ve been trying to impress, and trying to impress people who weren’t worth my time. We’ve all been there, right? And hell, if you’re still there, and still young, don’t take any advice from me to start cleaning up your act, because I know I sure wouldn’t’ve taken it. Go, be you. Me, I’ll sit here laughing at my younger self’s ways, while thanking him for at least helping shape the man I am today.

00:00 – Punch the Clown – Song 55 (the Secret Life of Punch the Clown ’98)
01:49 – the New Limits – You’re Not Ready (Pressure Up ’15)
04:27 – King Kong Girio – Liars (Now That I’m Gone ’13)
06:21 – the Meow Meows – Friends on Benefits (Friends on Benefits ’15)
08:44 – the Planet Smashers – Super Orgy Porno Party (Life of the Party ’99)
11:13 – High School Football Heroes – Life’s Hard (No One Gets Out Alive) (2K15: Like Dynamite ’15)
14:18 – Manic Sewing Circle – Growin’ Up, Growin’ Dumb (Summer Spins ’07)
16:23 – Show Me Island – I Don’t Know Anymore (Show Me Island ’13)
20:31 – Be Like Max – Cheap Shot Youth Anthem (Just Tryin’ to Fit in… Ur Mom ’14)

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