23min of Ska : Lysithea, the 12th Moon of Jupiter

Lysithea is a prograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson in 1938 at Mount Wilson Observatory and is named after the mythological Lysithea, daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus’ lovers.

Lysithea didn’t receive its present name until 1975; before then, it was simply known as Jupiter X. It was sometimes called “Demeter” from 1955 to 1975.

It belongs to the Himalia group, five moons orbiting between 11 and 13 Gm from Jupiter at an inclination of about 28.3°.

00:00 – Bigger Thomas – Super Moon (Under a Super Moon ’13)
03:23 – Popes of Chillitown – Vamos a la Luna (To the Moon ’15)
07:07 – Voodoo Glow Skulls – Shoot the Moon (Firme ’95)
10:17 – the Branlarians – Moonlight Melody (the 1st and Maybe the Only! ’13)
13:01 – Moon – Rough Weather (the Landing ’11)
16:36 – the Moon Invaders – Just a Po’boy (the Fine Line ’11)
19:45 – Intensified – On the Level (Lunar City Groove ’11)

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